Problem with ac200 fan

So as soon as there is a 1500w load(toaster) the fan comes on…and it pulsates. Is this normal?

As soon as a high load on the ac inverter is connected, the fan will come on. I have not noticed a pulsating of the fan. It is possible the toaster is turning on and off to maintain temperature which may be causing some pulsing. Try another high load device like a microwave and see if you hear the same fan pulsing. If not it is most likely related to the toaster.

thank you so much for your reply

Still seems fluky…it comes on t 1500W. Starts heavily pulsating and then stops…all the while temp is less than 90F

Which temperature are you looking at though…There is a sep. temp for AC inverter, DC charging, battery and I think one other. The inverter temp would be the one to watch with a 1500 watt load. Temperature will also rise above 100% while slow charging through the DC input in car charge or solar mode due to the voltage being stepped up froma low of 12VDC to around 58 VDC.

Regarding the pulsating, there are two fans, one on each end of the AC200. Can you isolate which fan is pulsating? If so, look at that side very closely and blow strongly through the vent holes. Its possible a small piece of packing, etc has fallen down by the fan causing noise. Not likely but a possiblility. Remember, the fan will come on at a certain load (1500W?) regardless of the temperature reading. This must occurr to protect the inverter which rapidly heats during high loads. This is entirely normal and the AC200 is actually much quieter than most and will run without fan for a far higher load than most. Several other makes have the fan come on anytime the AC power is on regardless of temp as a protective measure.

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1500Watt is a critical value for AC200, fan will speed up at this power. The fan will be much more stable if you run loads with power higher than 1600W or lower than 1400W

TRRP…The above response from Bluetti may be the reason that your fan is pulsating. You are right on the borderline of fan / no fan. Try the same 1500 watt load you used and plug in an additional item that uses another couple hundred watts. If the fan does not pulse then, you have your answer.

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thank you…I will confirm your you statements…I agree that at 900-1300 the fan does not automatically turn on. I’ll see about pulsation at 1600 - 1950.

The fan in my AC200P kicks in at 200-300w loads when using an LG monitor and a PS4, and keeps going for about 15min until winding down and then doing the same thing all over again. Sometimes this happens from smaller loads aswell and also when charging via solar. Anyone else experiencing this?

I see the same pulsing

The fan operation is dependant on internal temperature and load. Inverter operation as well as charing will create heat and the fan is part of the system to keep the temps in a specific range. Normal fan operation occurrs when the temp reaches a point to trigger the fan. The fan will then run until the temp drops below the fan start temp. This cycle will continue until the situation that caused the fan to start is changed.

Based on the information given, I would guess that the unit is operatred for more than a short term duration which is causing the temp. to rise until the fan operation parameters are met. Are you under the assumption that the fan should not run? If so, when was your understanding of what conditions should the fan be running?

You are correct, in my case my unit is on and operating between 30min -3 hours when this is happening. I understand that the fan would kick in under higher temps and loads but didn’t know it would do so at lower loads. In case this is fully normal, then there really is no issue. Is there anything you can recommend to maintain a cooler temp such as in having an external usb fan aimed at the unit? I am a beginner in this field so appreciate the feedback!

It is completely normal and is operating exactly as is supposed to. Just having the unit turned on generates heat which will slowly elevate to a point the fan kicks on to bring the temp back down. It is not a fan that comes on simply when it is overheated, but merely runs off and on to maintain a certain temperature range. I would do nothing with regards to having another fan since it is not needed.

That is reassuring to hear! Thank you for the response Scott, you’re knowledge and support is much appreciated here, Greetings from Spain :v: