Prior AC200/AC200P buyers

@BLUETTI just posted this on the Facebook group page…

So if you just picked up a new b230/b300 get ahold of with your original ac200/ac200p order/contribution number as well as the order number of your new battery purchase, and they’ll send you over a free cable ( P090D-XT90 , XT90-Aviation Plug ) that’ll allow you to connect the expansion to your unit.

Note: Valid only for AC200/AC200P purchases prior to August 20th, 2021

This offer will end on September 30th, limited quantity, first come, first served. (The estimated retail price for this cable would be around $80.)


Thanks! Just sent them an e-mail after purchasing the B300 battery for my AC200P.

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I ordered a B230 with an AC200Max. I provided Bluetti with the requested info and hope they’ll send me a cable so I can use the B240 with the AC200P (ordered in June) as well. :pray::grin:

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