Power supply ac200max

I have an Ac200Max connected with its supplied power supply, to the AC input port. I also connected 3 panels in series to the solar door.
Why when the solar starts to produce, even reaching 500 / 600W, the AC power does not stop automatically?
This is a problem, it always absorbs about 450W full power, up to 100% full recharge. As soon as it drops to 99%, start withdrawing again !!!
It should automatically charge from solar only.
I have to physically unplug the AC adapter. !!!
I have set DC input PV
Can it be corrected?

Forgive my English “Google”

I have the same concerns, a firmware update to use solar power is a great idea. I have installed two batteries to my AC200Max and now I keep the AC power off unless it is cloudy for days.

Hope they fix it soon with a firmware update.
Too much waste of energy and with high costs
Otherwise I will be forced to return this product.
I could easily make an automatic system that feeds through AC by setting thresholds on the battery capacity.
But I don’t know how to extrapolate that information ???

Battery 30% = AC ON
Battery 50% = AC OFF

Waiting for solar production

Also being able to implement scheduled complete recharge cycles

It will charge from solar alone. Simply unplug the AC adapter.

Maybe the answer is a smaller AC brick, around 100-200 watts. This the solar panels can produce 600 watts and only 100 watts of AC power. Idea !

Thanks Scott for the reply.
I connected a load that cannot be switched off at the AC output, I must be sure that AC200Max is always operational.
I don’t want to take paid energy from the electricity grid
To follow your advice I should always manually check the charge and switch off or switch on if necessary.

Harlan, I think the functionality must be implemented on the firmware !!!
A less powerful power supply does not solve, alone it would not be able to recharge in a short time and would still have a consumption

Does Bluetti work on this feature? Has something happened?