Power Self Consumption

I have a Bluetti AC300 with one battery pack

In winter we have not enough sun to load battery fully via “one day sunlight”. Therefore I Load it with disabled DC/AC Output over some days until it is nearly full. Over Night I turn it completely off to stop battery drain.

Now my “problem”:
If device gets started by incoming PV Load (10W morning light, cloudy day 50W) it starts to drain my battery due to self power consumption (all AC/DC is off).

If there is no sun at all battery also starts to drain (beginning night).

  1. Is there a option to automatically shutdown the device earlier than 4 hours after no PV Input / AC/DC no Load?

I have little sun in winter so i manually switch between real power and battery power…
2. How much energy does AC300 itself need? How much incoming PV energy do i need to get my battery loaded and not drained?

  1. Therefore: Is there an option to force “only shut on if incoming solar power is higher than 100 W” ?

@claus80 Hi, it does not support automatically shutting down the device earlier than 4 hours after no PV Input / AC/DC no Load nor only shutting on if incoming solar power is higher than 100 W.
Based on your situation, our engineer has provided a solution for reference:

  1. Set the working mode as the time control mode
  2. Set the battery discharge during 00:00-23:59
  3. According to your need, set the SOC as low%-high%
  4. After finishing the steps above, when the SOC is at low%, the mains will automatically switch to load, and will not charge the battery. When the SOC is below low%, the mains will charge the battery.

Hope it helps.

I am not sure if I have understood the suggestion correctly.

My problem is that the AC300 seems to need a “high” W for itself (WLAN, Display, Converter, …).
It seems to be like 40-100W as my battery won’t load if I have only 100W Solar Power.
So the main problem is: How can I “save power” in winter, while we have less sun as I normally need for my devices…

I also read some other articles, that the AC300 works as best if it unload a bigger amount of energy on short time - especially because of the power self drain…

@claus80 It is normal for the battery to consume energy when using AC300, and we are unable to provide you with an exact energy consumption value. Turning off AC and DC outputs can greatly reduce energy consumption. In the case of insufficient sunlight in winter, increasing photovoltaic input is a relatively feasible solution. Currently, AC300 supports two photovoltaic inputs, each of which can support 1200W.