Power loss overnight

I’m in Australia. I went on a 5 day camping trip, fully charged my AC200max on mains. Connected my Dometic fridge in the evening (0.5 amp hour) and in the morning there was no charge. it wouldn’t accept solar charge. I drove my van for 2hr and got 6% charge. After 1hr it was 0%.

I lost all of my food and spent 5 days camping off-grid with no ppwer. I’m not happy!

I found the charge to 100% discharge solution but couldn’t do it in the bush. I’m now home charging it currently.

Please send me the latest firmware. Also how do I change the input power units to watts instead of volts?

Hi @VintheValley

recalibration is a good idea. Do a full cycle and check if the problem is still present. If so, do a second full cycle.

About updating the Firmware: If you can connect to the Unit by Bluetooth and use the Bluetti App, you can update the firmware by yourself to the latest public version. Sometimes engineers push “custom” Firmware to a machine when the latest public versions dont fix the issue.

Beside this, i can understand that you camping trip wasnt a pleasure with this kind of problems…


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When you say your dometic fridge uses 1/2 amp per hour, are you connecting it to the AC power socket? If so, the inverter in the AC200 max (and all other large inverter units) will consume a substantial amount of power even with very little load attached. If this is the case, connect the fridge to the DC ports and make sure the AC outlets are turned off. Using a large unit for a small load will result in higher battery losses just by being turned on. Very similar to using a dump truck to drive to get a loaf of bread vs using a scooter to carry the the same load and then comparing fuel usage. Units with small ac inverters and big batteries will give better efficiency results for smaller loads. With regards to not allowing a solar charge, I would look into the settings, cable set up and panel placement to troubleshoot.