Power Displayed On Screen of AC200MAX

Below shows the power, Watts, drawn by 2 AC devices / appliances connected to an AC200MAX AC outlet thru a Kill-A-Watt meter, each connected individually without the other connected at the same time :tipping_hand_man:. According to the Kill-A-Watt meter, One uses very low power, 4.8 Watts, and the other uses much high power, 1167 Watts :tipping_hand_man:. In each case, the AC200MAX screen display shows ~ 44 Watts higher power than the devices / appliances seem to be using as per the Kill-A-Watt meter :tipping_hand_man:.

So the big question for Bluetti Technical, is the power, Watts, displayed on the AC200MAX AC screen (and the app) the power that is being drawn from the AC200MAX AC batteries :man_shrugging::man_shrugging:, or …

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@bluetti_iamrouelfmaccom Because our machine displays the apparent power, the meter measures the active power, so there will be a certain difference in value.
The difference is the reactive power, reactive power is related to the load, and will not actually consume the battery power.

Bluetti, thank you :pray:t2:. Wow, that makes things a bit more complicated :tipping_hand_man:.

Hopefully won’t have to create a new post for Bluetti to answer the following:

The percent values displayed on the screen or in the app, is that the batteries True SOC% :man_shrugging::man_shrugging: