Potential customer v horrible customer service stories

I’m interested in getting the AC200max… but I’ve yet to read about a good Bluetti customer service experience.

I accept that this is a high quality product, but if anything goes wrong and the company doesn’t follow through with their warranty, than it doesn’t matter how good the product is.

I’m really struggling to justify this purchase. I’m not sure what I’m looking for here, but some sort of assurance.


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I had a good experience with Bluetti’s customer service.
Had an AC200Max for 2 months working great, and then it broke.
I immediately contacted customer service via the service email.
The next day I got a response and they provided instructions how to ship the unit back to Las Vegas. I also got the shipping labels and the required Li-Ion label via email. They also asked me to describe the issue I had. 5 days later they notified me the unit was received in Vegas and they immediately shipped me a new one. That unit arrived the following week. So in all, very good and easy service (except I had to take my broken unit to a UPS store…) Two weeks turn-around which I consider pretty good. The new unit has operated as expected for two months and fingers crossed… I have no new issues.


Similar results here. I had one of the early order AC300s, and after about a month it had a problem with charging. I worked with them via email, and they were good enough to send out a replacement as soon as they got notification that I had dropped the broken one at a UPS pickup location. The replacement has been working for about 3 months now.

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I had a good experience with my 200 max something went wrong with the so call firmware and after a couple of emails … they decided the issue was with their firmware and sent me a replacement generator took about 3 weeks and they will respond to emails.
That’s been my experience

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i bought an AC200Max (mid-March) and have had no issues with it. I purchased it through the official Bluetti web site. Some of the posts I have read where people have problems is when they order via Amazon or eBay or a similar retail site. I don’t know if the problems come when the seller is someone other than Bluetti? I have no way of verifying that. My AC200MAX has been problem free (with the exception of the SOC/State-of-Charge indicator, which Bluetti responded to promptly and it hasn’t been an issue) and I have been using it 24/7 for 2 months. I just purchased a B300 to add to the AC200MAX capacity. I get your hesitation, and it is warranted because you’re spending a chunk of money and if Bluetti went out of business you could be stuck with a pretty piece of paper that says “warranty”. This could happen to any company that makes all in one solar generators…ANY. I picked Bluetti because it met my needs. I haven’t been disappointed. My experience with their products and service thus far have been good.


Thanks y’all. I appreciate your comments and I seem to have picked up on the fact that issues were linked to purchases from 3rd parties, like Amazon. But, I didn’t want to make that conclusion and I’m still hesitant to.

That said, I’m reassured by your comments and I look forward to hearing more.

I recommend buying direcly from Bluetti. Third party sellers cannot warranty the Bluetti unit because they have no service for it. Bluetti gives a two year 100% return warranty and that is worth more than the dollars you could save if buying elsewhere.


I purchased from Bluetti and have tried contacting them several times with no luck. I am missing half my order and I’m starting to think I’ll never see it or my money back. Avoid this company IMHO.

I have to agree that so far for me customer service has not been very good. I purchased a 10,000 dollar ac300, b300 system. I’m still waiting for the fusion box I ordered in November to make my system whole, and the response to my inquiry is often non-existent. Once they did offer to cancel by fusion box order, which would make paper weights of the 10,000 dollars! Hard to believe they would offer that as a remedy. I just want an honest accurate answer to when the product I purchased in November will ship so I can connect my system to my panel.

I have made two purchases from Bluetti, from their official website. Both orders were fulfilled in short order (one to one and a half weeks). Both arrived in working condition as advertised.

My experience so far has been kind of mixed.

I got my unit TODAY, and was eager to test it. Got the unit turned on - update the firmware and then tried the wireless phone charger… nope. The DC USB ports… nope… started to panic… tried different devices… no errors… nothing…

I tried the AC ports, okay they worked. Tried plugging it into the wall, great. Solar charge, seems kind of low but it worked. Wanted to call customer service and no number for Canada - only email. Kind of lame. I am guess it is a wiring or firmware issue, probably going to have to exchange.