Potential AC500 customer and RV owner question

I own a 50 amp RV and would like to upgrade solar to boondock more. Rather than install a complicated permanent system that will stay with this rig that I will undoubtedly trade in I thought I would purchase an AC500 which has enough power for my needs and much simpler system. There is one thing I’ve read that I have a question about… the 50 amp plug is not really a normal one sine only one of the legs has power.
So given this is it possible I could use my adapter that has 2 male 30 amp and a 50 amp female to get around this problem ?

Thanks in advance. Any other advice for an RV’er would is appreciated,

@Jay1 AC500 has a 50A NEMA L14-50 socket that you can connect directly to the RV’s 50A sub-distribution box with the conversion cable from this plug.
It is not recommended to use an adapter with two 30 amp male and one 50 amp female to solve this problem.The reason the 50 amp plug only has power to one leg is because an AC500 can only output 120V.

Don’t do it. AC500 with multiple B300 batteries has a serious SoC balancing issue potentially damaging the batteries and Bluetti gives a sh*t about solving it. Just read in this forum, there are tons of complaining people getting fed up with lies about it just being just a measuring issue and other lame excuses.