Possibility to Deliver to Ukraine

Hi, i’m thinking of getting Bluetti. I am located in Ukraine. Is it possible to deliver to Ukraine?

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It’s possible. I would read the other threads and the wave of cancellations. I wouldn’t get you hopes up at getting it before March.

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Of course it’s possible. There are a lot of people here from Ukraine. You should use service like NPShopping or MeestExpress. I wouldn’t recommend Meest, it’s cheapper but the service is low quality.

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Please be careful as I’ve already ordered AC200MAX but it turned out to be incompatible with Ukrainian grid not only due to socket shape but also the voltage and frequency. And now I’m struggling to cancel the order :) Although the backup batteries seem to be OK

Another subtle point: if you plan to use services like NP or Meest, then you must specify an address in a tax-free zone, otherwise you will be charged additional fees. In general considering the cost of delivery, there will be almost no difference in price, but taking into account the hype in Europe, there may even be a gain in time: normally both companies deliver in 2 weeks

Wow, so @Dymtry71 which one would be safe to order? Seeing that some aren’t compatible with Ukrainian grid?

Sorry for being late, only extra batteries and cables are the same, so it’s essential to buy the power station itself in Europe. It’s also possible to use third-party converter from 110V/60Hz to 220V/50Hz, but it may cost another $100+ and eat 10% of for conversion.