Portable AC?

Anyone smarter than me know how long approx I could run this?

@Thunderstruck Which BLUETTI model would you like to use to carry this air conditioner?
With a load of 8000 BTU or more, you generally need an output of 3000W (AC300 and above models)

I run a similar air conditioning on my 200Max no problem. Maxes out at 1400 watts. But generally runs at 900 Watts.

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I looked on their website and it draws 850 watts, so if you plan to run it all night for say, 8 hours, you’ll need a minimum of 6800 watt hour battery capacity. That would be 3 B300s expansion batteries if you went with an AC500.

If you live in a high humidity area, you may not like having to constantly empty the water container from condenser drip. A window A/C works so much better and is cheaper, but I know some people are restricted for various reasons.
There’s a 5000 btu Frigidaire window A/C for < $200 that cools incredibly well for it’s size, and only draws around 300 watts.

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Thx so much. How long would you say you can run it?

Thank you. I’d actually be using it in my van. I have a 200 AC Max. I can’t afford multiple B300’s. I wish there was a way to charge the Bluetti and also any batteries attached.

Another thing to consider is how cold you have it set for. Just because it draws around 850 watts, doesn’t mean it will continuously draw 850 watts. Are you talking about cooling a room? What size is the room? The smaller the space you are cooling the less power it will consume (typically). Also, the better insulated, the less power it will consume to maintain a given temperature. There are multiple ways you can attack this problem.

Plenty of people have mounted solar panels on rooftops of vans and RVs. Some even have mounts to angle the panels towards the sun when parked. Of course, then you can’t park in the shade when you need to recharge. Not sure how many panels you can mount up there, or what wattage you can get.

I have seen small window A/Cs mounted in the door of a van for those who are determined😲 They likely park at RV campgrounds with electrical hookups, or run a small generator.

You might want to check out some RV and camper forums as to what works and what doesn’t.

This model?

Power Supply 1Ph, 115V-, 60Hz
Rated Input 850 W
Current 9.2 Amps