Plugging solar into the AC200Max

When plugging solar power into the AC200max, should you plug it in and then turn on unit?. Or should you turn unit on and then plug the solar in?. Or doesn’t it matter.

On my AC200P it doesn’t matter, anytime there is solar the unit will turn on and charge.

Does not matter, just like @eric102 stated for the AC200P, the Max dose the same.

The reason I was asking was, I bought my brother an AC200Max for Christmas. This past weekend I helped him mount the three - 330 watt solar panels he bought on his roof. He plugged in the power cord from the solar panels, then turned on the AC200Max, and it immediately started smoking from both ends, until he quickly pulled the plug. He shut it off and let it set for a half hour. He then turned it back on this time before he plugged in the solar, and then plugged the solar in with no problems this time. It then charged up to 100% and quit charging. It seems to work fine now, but that smoke was concerning. I wonder about the life expectancy of it now. I also have the same panels to mount and plug into my AC200Max, but will wait until I get some input from the community before I plug any solar power in.

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That sounds a bit scary, perhaps poor connection at the plug?
Also if you put panels on the roof I would recommend to install a disconnect switch between panels and the AC200Max, then you can safely plug in and unplug the unit without power present. That’s what I did since I also use the AC200Max in my RV and move it relatively frequently.

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