Please resend SPF-EU-23814 order

Just would like to let you know that I have ordered 3 products at the 30th of November 2022.
The first I received on the 19th of December.
The second I received 18th of January.
The third I was not able to get because traveled on NewYear Holidays.

Also would like to say “Thank you” to All Bluetti Team.
I wait very long, however finally I got the products.

What is left … Since I was traveling and was not able to get the order it was returned to sender by DPD Parcel Company policy.

Bluetti Team, can you please resend me the SPF-EU-23814 order and give me the new tracking number?

FYI, I have already send a lot of emails to
(more than 10+), and got one response that they will send me the tracking number over the weekend, however, there is still no email about the new tracking number.
Waiting for your reply…

@BLUETTI can you please send this request to Sales Team?

@whitealley I’m very sorry for the late reply due to the Lunar New Year holiday.
Has order support gotten back to you?
If you haven’t heard back yet, can you reconfirm your shipping address? If there is no problem, I will forward your request to resend the order for you.

On the 8th of February, I got the order.
Long time - 2 months - but I have it.
Thanks. We can close this topic.

@whitealley Glad to know this news!