Please consider ethernet port for EP or AC series

It would be ideal to have an ethernet port on future EP or AC series products so that we can reliably connect those. Since it’s expected that these configurations are less mobile, it would provide a much more reliable connection to control and monitor the devices.

Access to alerts via mobile/application is also a large value-add.

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Hi @PowerMat , Thank you very much for your advice.
We will record them and submit them to the product development department.
Hoping that our subsequent new products will meet your expectations!

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I agree on the Ethernet cable port. Sometimes the Bluetti app cannot connect to my two AC300 units by WiFi and I have to get closer and use Bluetooth. But then we will need Windows version of the app to read the data through the Ethernet connection, as none of my Android devices have an Ethertnet port.

Another suggestion is creating a Bluetti skill for Alexa so it can turn on or off the AC and DC outputs, report AC power output, and send notifications of any errors.