Phone app, not the least but intuitive to use

Got my AC200MAX back in August and created an account on these forums.
Just now figured out how to start a new topic.
You can not do it from within the app, you long press the app icon and get a menu with the new topic selection.
Mark me down as not impressed with the function of this app.

Hi @AndreB , Thank you for your feedback on the use of AC200MAX APP. We have recorded it and will submit it to the relevant department on a monthly basis. We will see if this feature can be optimized later.
Thanks again!

Thanks for your post! I’ve been trying to create a new post for about 2 months & have been going crazy trying to find the right button. I never would have found it without your description. Wow - what a strange way to design what should be a very important function. Definitely not intuitive.