Performance Data for AC200Max

@bluetti (or anyone) are there any charts relating to performance data for the AC200Max?

I’m trying to optimize my usage to use it as efficiently as possible so would like to know things like idle load, optimal load (i.e. load that results in the least overhead for invertor). So essentially all and any data that will assist me in getting my system working as efficiently as possible.

I also have 1 B230 attached.

We don’t get much winter sun in Scotland so I can’t afford to waste a drop!!

Hi @Poppy , The following chart shows the AC200MAX no-load power consumption data for your reference.

As for the data you mentioned about the optimal load, sorry there is no accurate data available. As long as it is used within the output range of the machine (2200W) are no problems.


Awesome- Thank you so much. That looks better than I was hoping for!!