Pass-through charging on the AC200P?

Does the AC 200 piece support pass-through charging ( supplying power simultaneous while being charged by solar )

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@Starseedfilms yep! And here’s a link to the manual where you can find more specs on it.

Ac200p Manual


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Thank you for asking.
Yes, it supports pass through charging for both AC and DC loads. We recommend if you do this that you make sure to fully charge the AC200P at least once per month to extend battery life.

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@BLUETTI quick question… you say you suggest to fully charge the AC200 once a month to extend battery life… you mean fully charge it to 80% or all the way to 100%?? Just want to make sure I’m relaying the correct info!

Thank you!

@m.briney We recommend you to charge it to100%, so you can use more when power outages.


@BLUETTI beautiful! That’s what I thought. And you would charge and store at 80% if you were really worried about the longevity of the cycle counts correct??

See for me… I’d rather have the unit at 100% when I need to use it, as with my use, the calendar aging will probably kill the batteries before the cycle life count really plays any factor. And by then… I’ll probably have updated my system with your newer/more efficient products anyways!! :metal::rofl: :metal:

Correct! Personally, I’m not worried about the longevity of the cycle :grin: I still would like to charge it to 100% and then store it. Cuz when the power outages, nothing is more important than to power the basic life. Looking forward to your more posts and thank you for sharing knowledge with us. :poultry_leg: :+1:

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