Parallel connect?

Can two units be connected in parallel?

@Dan33 Nope unfortunately the AC200 cannot be tethered to another AC200.

Thanks. What’s the best way to charge one AC200 from another? Using the AC adapter or using the 12 V connection?

@Dan33 to charge one AC200 from another AC200?? Not sure why you would really want to do that?? Haha but yea I suppose you could just plug the AC charging brick into an AC outlet of the charged unit.

Am I missing something man? What’s your purpose for all this?

I typically use my AC200p to recharge my golf carts and electric bikes at night time. I was looking for someway to add watthour capacity to my system Since my 700 W solar system generates more than 2 kilowatt hours a day and I could use more kilowatt hours in the evening to recharge my carts and bikes. When I recharge my second unit from my first unit using the supplied AC adapter there’s a greater than 20% loss of wattage moving through the adapter. Using the 12 V 10 amp connector the loss is less than 5%. Is there a better way to add li ion battery capacity? I must say the pricing on the AC 200 was so good I couldn’t refuse the second unit. And I’ve had my first unit for several months and it’s been working flawlessly.

You can use both of your AC adapters at the same time by plugging the second adapter into the Aviation / XT90 DC input plug. (you would need the optional 7909 to XT90 cable to connect the second AC charger) This would double your charging speed from the first unit to the second and would cut the AC inverter run time and overhead loss in half.

I’ll give it a try. Thanks so much for the information.