Panel Differences

What is the difference between the PV200 and the PV200S? Other than their size or weight, that is. Do they charge differently? Is one better than the other?

You can learn the exact difference from the product page on BLUETTI website:


The PV200S seems to be missing some specs, such as Vmp and Imp. Didn’t see them on the webpage or in the manual.

I already knew this information from the website. My actual question is, seeing as they are both 200w panels, what is the operational difference between the two of them? And would I be able to connect a PV200 and a PV200s in series is another, different question?

Hi @cupcaketennessee

Since they have different operation voltages, its not recommended to use a PV200 and a PV200S in series. I would assume that the panels are beeing wired differently internal, also the layout of the panels itself is different. So they will probaly have different behavior with part time shadows.

I only own a PV200, so i cant really speak for the PV200S. Maybe someone can add some information.


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Upon confirmation:
PV200 and PV200S are two different models. Using them together may affect their respective performance and even lifespan. It is not recommended to connect them for simultaneous use.


What are the differences in the two panels that makes one better than the other? I’m looking to make a future purchase and have limited funds. The pv200s has a lower price, is it somehow of less quality or inferior to the pv200? This is the difference that I want to know.

@cupcaketennessee Both panels are great. I would go with the model, that fits your budget. When you buy ore than one, you just have to keep in mind that the PV200S has slighty higher voltage