Panasonic 340 for ac200p
Would this panel be a good match for the ac200p. The specs indicate 59.7 volts
and 5.7 amps output. So it is high volts and somewhat low amps. I know the ac200p likes a lot of volts but the low amps concern me.
Any help is appreciated.

I have a Boviet panel. 370 watts, 47.7 open circuit voltage with 9.5 amp output I think. I fixed xt90 fittings to work with ac200p adapter cord. I made a little kickstand for mine. Drag it out my garage when the suns out, which dose not seem to often lately. Mine has been working great, even produces 35 watts when its totally overcast. Its very heavy and a workout to drag around. I bet that panel would work fine. I’m no expert by any means Good luck

Thanks Quitter! I see your panel is listed at 9.5 amps output compared to the 5.7 of the panasonic. This low amp output of the panasonic is my concern for charging the bluetti.
Certainly, I’m a novice to solar.