Pairing solar panel amps to AC200MAX

I have (2) Bouge RV 200W solar panels that I want to connect to the AC200MAX. Each panel has a Maximum Power Current (IMP) of 11.12 A. The Maximum Power is 17.98 V. I want to connect the solar panels in parallel. The Maximum Input for solar with the AC200MAX is 15,2A.
I am confused, Am I OK with doing this?

As long as the VOC of the solar panel when connected is within the AC200MAX range (10-145V), it can be used. It does not matter if the power or current exceeds.

Very good to know, … needs to be stated in the AC200MAX manual, and correct / remove what is stated on page 20 :tipping_hand_man:.

Ok, … it seems that what is meant by the 15 Amps in the manual (AC200MAX) page 20, … is not the Max PV amps into the AC200MAX solar input port, but that it is the Max Amps that AC200MAX will draw from the PV panels, irrespective of how many PV Amps are being generated, by connecting solar panels in parallel :tipping_hand_man::tipping_hand_man:. But never exceed the Max PV Volt (145 Volts) input to the AC200MAX solar input port :tipping_hand_man::tipping_hand_man:.