P090D-to-DC7909 adapter: Not just for EB150?

Hi. I’m curious about the P090D-to-DC7909 adapter.
It’s advertised as being suitable for the EB150 only.
I’m assuming a ‘7909 connector’ would be a standard size, so you’d think this adapter could connect a B230/B300 to the AC200P’s AC input port. But Bluetti indicates you need both a P090D-to-XT90 plus a D050S charging enhancer (which has a 7909 connector on the end) to link to the AC200P’s AC input port.
Can the P090D-to-DC7909 be used to connect a B230/B300 to the AC200P’s AC input port?
If not, I’d like to understand why.

I’ve tried it, it doesn’t work on my AC200P’s AC port but works fine on the PV port with a 7909 adapter. Because of that I haven’t bothered trying my D050S through the AC port since there would be some wattage loss going that route.

Thanks for sharing your experience Eric.
Makes me feel better that I chose the P090D-to-XT90 option when buying the B230. I have the D050S also, but hoped to use that just as a charger rather than having to swap it in as a secondary connection to the AC200P.
You also appear to have confirmed my suspicion that using the D050S between the two units comes with an overhead. So I’ll probably stick to connecting via the PV port
Thanks again for your input.

After researching further, I’ve noted the input port for the EB150 has a voltage range of 16-60v.
All I can find for the AC200P is mention of a “maximum” 58.8 input voltage for its AC adapter port.
So I suspect the AC200P probably has higher minimum input voltage requirements, which gives me the WHY a direct connection from the B230 via the P090D-to-DC7909 adapter won’t work. Hence the need for the D050S charging enhancer, as it will increase the voltage going into the AC200P.

You’re exactly right. The AC ports on the B230/300 and AC200P/Max require 58.8V as the input voltage and the raw battery output from the B230/300 is 51.2V I believe. The D050S brings it up to 58.8V but as mentioned it uses some power to operate it’s own circuit.

Thanks for confirming. :slight_smile: