Overcurrent 12V/10A cigarette lighter port

I own Bluetti AC200Max. I use it in my van conversion as a main power supply. I use 12V/10A cigarette lighter port to provide power to my 12V devices.
I have cigarette plug connected to fuse box, where I have my 60W fridge running. The fridge current should be about 5A.
Yesterday I tried to plug in LED strip lights to the same fuse box. They are 5V LED lights that takes 8 W/m. I have 3 meters, which gives me 24W/5V = 4.8A.

I connected the LED lights through the dimmer, and when I was turning the dimmer to its maximum position, the Bluetti turned off the DC with an error of overcurrent DC.

Did I connected something wrong? It wasn’t over 10A. Is there any way around so I can have more devices plugged in to the cigarette lighter port?

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Take a look at the screen and see how many DC output watts you are pulling when you get the overload warning. It may be simply that your “cig plug” male end is not firmly connected or making good contact and drawing more power that it would if you had a good connection. That will tell you the true load and if you are indeed overcurrent. A better way would be to use the high amp DC output plug to avoid the issue.

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Hey Scott, thank you for your reply. It is about 80W with fridge and LED lights. I am afraid to go full with LED lights to not break the Bluetti device. I am about to connect a fan and water pump to the same 12V cigarette plug and now I am worried it is going to be too much.
Where can I get the 30A DC output that I can wire to my fuse box?
Is this one gonna be good: Amazon.com

Thank you!

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The bluetti web site offers a ready made high amp output aviation cable in the accessories area. If you want to build your own, a suitable matching aviation connector will work. I suspect that your “dimmer” in consuming power and your wattage is a little higher than you think which is causing the overload issue.

Did you mean this cable?

They are out of stock.

Can you recommend me some aviation connector?

So today I tried different way and I connected this LED lights to DC 5521 plug. I also put 7.5A inline fuse for protection. The DC went up to 50W and then it turned off and got me the same error. Lights turned on for 3 seconds.

What am I doing wrong? Shouldn’t the 7.5A fuse blow first?

I think the 5521 plugs have a 3 or 4 amp max output and that is the reason for the latest overcurrent.

I cant get the copy and paste to work but if you search amazon for Bluetti ac200max aviation plug a plug will pop up that has overnight shipping and is around $15. There are several choices and one is even a right angle one. The 12 volt accessory “Cig” socket is a poor choice for all but light loads

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Thank you. I think the reason I got all this issues is because I have 5V LED lights and I am trying to run it on 12V. They run with no issues on USB port, which has less amps but it’s 5V. I ordered DC converter to convert 12V to 5V and then I’ll see how it works.