Over Paneling an AC500

I’ve read that over paneling (adding more panels than the wattage input an inverter/controller is rated for) is a good idea as long as you don’t go over the voltage rating of the inverter. I’ve read that the inverter/controller will keep the amperage at its rating (15 amps for the AV500) to its rating, so inputting more than 15 amps in an AV500 will not damage it. Is this true? Is it true that if I keep the voltage below 150 V, I can go above the 15 amp rating with an AV500?

When connected in series, as long as the total open circuit voltage of the solar panel does not exceed 150V, the AC500 has two MPPT.
You can connect two separate solar panels, which are equivalent to parallel connection. There is no need to turn on PV parallel enable.

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I am thinking of having 2 strings (each one wired in series) wired together in parallel which would increase the amperage above 15A. I would like to do this for both DC1 and DC2 solar inputs. The voltage would be below 150V, the amperage would be above 15A, and the wattage would be above 1500W for each of the 2 solar inputs (totaling more than 300W). Would this work OK with the AC500, or would the over wattage and over current damage it? Thanks

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This is available.
As long as the solar panel open circuit voltage within the range on the line, the power and current over the okay, the machine will limit the current. But whether in series or parallel, the solar panels need to be the SAME type (model).

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Got it. Thanks much for the explanation. One last questions. While keeping the voltage below 150V, using the same model of solar panel, does it matter that the wattage rating goes over 1500W per DC1 & DC2 inputs?

It can exceed 1500W, no matter.

Thanks for your response. You’ve answered all my questions.