OUTPUT: 12V 30A or 24 DC 10A better efficiency?

If I have to option to use 24 V with 10A oder 12 V DC with 30 A Output: Which one should I use in means of efficiency?
As I need only 200W both options would be OK.
Where will i loose less energy on same wattage?

Well, Power = Voltage x Current.
If you increase the Voltage, you can reduce the current (which means you can use thinner gauge wiring and/or have less power loss in the wiring from resistance.
So in the case of wiring up a solar panel array, normally you would want series wiring to add up the voltages (so that the current will be lower, and not need thicker wiring.) But if you have multiple arrays, you don’t want to exceed the input voltage of your solar generator.

I edited my original post to clarify - it is a question for OUTPUT.
The following is clear:

But i need only roundabout 200W so both options are available.

The big question is:
If I use the 24V or the 12V and have 200W consumption - what energy will the Bluetti internally need?
Which one is more cost effective due to transformation losses?

Hey Claus,

as St8kout already mentioned:

Higher Voltage means less resistance with the same cable cross section.

But you really cant say which one is more effective until you really know how thick the cables are. Generaly you can say that higher voltage have less losses, because its more likely to have no or just little resistance.

If you have a cable with really big cross section, it doesnt matter. There are some calculators for the right cross section. Maybe you should check them out.

Hope this helps


@claus80 The efficiency of these two ports is the same, and the loss is the same.
Whether it is 24V cigarette light port output or 12V RV output, the DC needs to be turned on and the internal self-consumption is the same.


I would always use the higher voltage if appropriate. You are only moving 1/2 the current at 24 volts vs 12 volts. There will be less resistance (loss) in the wires and connectors with 24 volts but more importantly, the connectors and wires will not heat up as easily

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I would always use the higher voltage if appropriate.

That was my first though. Many hours later i have found no real cigarrette light port (besides china products) which seems to be able to handle 9-10A without melting. Therefore i ordered the 12V Bluetti Aviation Cable… :-/

Thanks for clarification!