Ordered a 4th unit.

My 4th order is a ac180. The only thing that showed up from the seller was a offered free gift. The problem is the platform they sell on shows delivered. Wow!!! Is this a S______?

where did you buy it?

The platform protects me from a possible s____. That’s why I make purchases on the platform. The issue with a free gift is it shows delivery and acceptance of the ac180 when all I received was the free gift. It removes all the safety from buying from the platform in the aspect of actually getting the ac180. I’m sure the seller is aware of this. So now I have to return the free gift as product not as described. What a sorry way to do business selling such a great product as the ac180.

@PortablePower Sorry for the inconvenience.
This may have been an error in the relevant settings at the time. If possible, please tell me your order number and the platform you placed the order (via private message)? I’ll check with the relevant salesperson.

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Thanks for your reply. I have sent you the information.

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maybe the AC180 is bulky enough to need a special transporter and left a separate warehouse while the gift was probably small enough to find lightweight transporter such as regular mail.

Then the original order, the ac180 should have had the tracking number so the platform knows when the item ordered is shipped and received. The free gift shouldn’t have been associated with the original order and the tracking info. The reason anyone uses a platform to buy on is the safety and convenience. The sellers should know that.

Update- Sent free item back and received a full refund. Happy with the platform I purchased from because they had my back. Not happy with BLUETTI. This would have been my 4th unit. Now I’m looking elsewhere. Very poor way to do business.

Well sorry to hear that. Bluetti’s always been top-notch in my experience, but mishaps are still a possibility. Wasn’t it bought through a distributor? I know they have this Star program, not sure the distributors are bound to the same customer care standards.