Order was paid on 20th of November, but order is not processing further

I made an order on 20th of November, but from that time my order status didn’t change.
Order number is SPF-EU-13423.
I need a real deadline when my order will be transferred to the delivery service.
Also I didn’t receive any emails about order processing.
And send me a tracking number of my order.

Bluetti are very slow at processing and shipping from my experience. My ac200max had been delivered and after 2 days I got a shipped email from bluetti. Thankfully someone was at home as over £2k worth of product delivered with no warning is poor. Especially with some of the courier companies I had to deal with in past.

On the plus side it did come very well packaged.

Awaiting on an order of 2x d50s but been over a week and no update on that either.

Could you give an answer?

Hello @ihorbalias @montgomery , I am very sorry for the inconvenience.
As it is currently the holiday season, our colleague who is docking orders from the European site is on vacation and I have chased it up for you.
I will let you know once I have a reply.