Order Status:Unfulfilled

Hi, I ordered BLUETTI EB3A and orders is still Unfulfilled and it is said that I have a high risk order (order SPF-EU-18014).

I have already wrote several letters to support but I haven’t received any reply.

Also, I have received bank details and informed that I can pay the same amount directly and send a screenshot of the payment. Is it possible to do so, or I shouldn’t do that?

Any help?


Same for me. Paid November 25 and order still has Unfulfilled status. So far have not got any response from support regarding this.

Hi @Johny352 , We are very sorry, as this is determined by the system backend. High risk orders will be cancelled and you will get full refund, please don’t worry.
We can only suggest you to buy BLUETTI products from other shopping platforms.
Thanks again for your kind understanding.

Hello, same for me i paid November 25, order SPF-EU-17563 and haven’t got any response from support. If it will be refund for me too, how it will be realized and how long time refund will take ?

Hi, I bought November 24, payment status is paid, fulfillment status is unfulfilled, ORDER SPF-EU-15753, and no info when the order will come…

Hello. The same situation: bought November 23, Order SPF-EU-15200. No info and no responses from sale-eu.
Why are you selling a product that you cannot provide? We wish we had paid more money on other platforms, but we had a product, and now we don’t have a product, we lost time and don’t know when we will get it.

Who will buy your products after such fraudulent activity? Your company took the money and now ignores any emails from clients. I wish I had also some service that marked your company as “high risk” to prevent money-losing (because for now, I don’t have any opportunity to refund).

Also, an interesting moment, on the shop site you filter out reviews with less than 4 stars, is it a normal behavior of a normal company?


The same with me… I ordered a power station and paid for it on November, 28… I emailed them five times… No answers!
@BLUETTI , this item is crucial for my family because of the war and power shortages in Ukraine! Is there any hope to get my order or getting my money back?!

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Hi @anotherOne , Please don’t worry. BLUETTI’s business activities are legal and compliant, there will be no withholding of payment or fraud. Because of the diversity of payment methods, there is a time lag between back office and bank statement return, and it will take 3-7 days for your refund to arrive.