Order marked as delivered, but no solar panels

As has been mentioned in other posts, I too ordered an AC300/B300 and Solar panels. The AC300/B300 arrived separately in the last two days.

The order is now showing as fulfilled, but I have not received the solar panels.

I have sent messages to sales@bluetti (no response) and have called customer support (no answer).

I will take a look at the laws governing online purchases in my state (MD/US) and see what there is about charging a customer but not shipping the product to see if there is any recourse.

I believe I can mark a portion of the charge as fraudulent through my credit card company (Visa).

If I haven’t heard anything from the company in the next two days, I will make the call to the bank and see what my options are.

The panels almost always ship from a different location and shipper method due to batteries having specific shipper requirements that the solar panels do not have. The issue with the software showing as fulfilled is due to no option to show partial order fulfillment. This is common with this product and am sure that if you are a little patient, the product will arrive.

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Scott-Benson - Thank you for your reply. I am happy to wait, I would just like a little communication that it will be shipped separately, when I might expect to receive it, and a tracking number to confirm. The order indicates that items may be shipped separately and that I should write sales@bluetti.com to get the additional tracking numbers, but since there is no response from them, it is hard to tell what is actually happening.

A quick email from sales or support acknowledging the multiple shipments would be all it takes to clear up the matter.

I agree communication is horrible but there is no slight of hand going on and all will be shipped and received

Hi @hoenth , sorry for inconvenience caused.
Our solar panels and generator + batteries are shipped separately. May I ask if you have received the solar panel now?
If you haven’t received it yet, please let us know your order number and we will check with our support department and help you check the logistics status. Please don’t worry and look forward to your reply. Thank you.

@BLUETTI Thank you for your reply. I apologize for the long delay in getting back to you (ironic, isn’t). I did receive the panels, but they are not working (i.e. the only ever only generate 70-80 watts), so need to return them. I have written to support, but have not seen a reply.

Hi @hoenth , Sorry for inconvenience and thanks for your feedback.

There are several questions I need to confirm with you.
May I know what is the model of your solar panel?
Is there any dirt on the surface of the panels?
How are the panels connected? Is the connection cable plugged in well and tightly?
Is there an extension cable connected, and if so, what is the length of the extension cable?

Thanks in advance.


The model is BLUETTI PV350 Solar Panel | 350W.

There was no dirt on the surface of the panels. There were brand new, and I laid them out in direct sunlight (I get 3-4 hours of direct sunlight where I had them).

They were connected using the connectors on the panels directly to the matching connectors on the AC300. I did not use an extension cable.