Options on features

Hello guys!

I’m trying to find some info on the AC200P. I’m curious if you have to turn on each style of output separately. I’m mostly using it for 12v fridge but the possibility of running my home fridge. Basically, I don’t want the 120V inverter running when I’m only using the 12v…

Second, it states 12/24v from car input for the solar… the panel I have says 24v but also 36v… will it need to be 36v to get 210w?

Also, can you charge with solar and cig lighter at the same time?

Long story short, I’m a car camper and will have that 210w on the roof but I’d like to charge with the cig lighter as well.

Any help would be appreciated!

You can selectively turn in and off the 120v and 12v output independently. I would recommend only turning on each as you need it, as it consumes power even at idle. AC has more idle consumption than DC.

Your panel will provide 33V or so at maximum power. The 24V is just a part of the name, actual voltage is closer to 33V at full sun. Note that you should expect only 80% of rated output even on a good day. Rated power requires tropical sun with artic temp, not really realistic.

I don’t think you can charge AC200p with solar and DC at the same time without extra equipment like the DC charger enhancer. As this only has a single DC MPPT input.