Option to lower AC charge current of AC300 from 10A to 6-7A?

Currently, the AC charge current of the AC300 can be adjusted to 10-30A. I have a AC 120V source that can only produce 850w (~7A). There is a user defined setting but the minimum is 10A, which would overload my source and shut it off. Does anyone know if there is a way to lower the AC charge current down to 7A?

It would be great if Bluetti can extend the adjustment range from 10-30A to 5-30A, this would allow those of us with a lower powered AC source (small generator, inverter feed from car battery/alternator) to charge the AC300. Note that there is little need to go below 5A, as the optional T500 can be used for that. However, currently, there is a gap between 5-10A that cannot be used.

Do we think this can be a future firmware update? Or is the hardware incompatible with a lower AC charge rate?

Hi there,

I have sent the password to you by message to adjust the current. Please kindly check.

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Received with thanks.

However, the lowest limit I can set is only 10A. Please pass a suggestion to your product team to allow that limit to be set lower in a future firmware update, such as 6-8A. My AC source can only support 850w so even 10A is too much.

Thank you for your suggestion. We will consider it.

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Resurrecting and old thread here (I see that @snowstorm has posted this in at least one other thread as well, but that one has several subjects in it already). I have been wanting the same lower settings as I have a car inverter that will only output 1000 watts.

The custom settings says to input between 10 and 30 amps, but I just tried ignoring that and entering 1 amp and it worked! It was plugged into 120 volt grid power and It instantly dropped power consumption down to 120 watts. I tried 8 amps and it draws just under 1000 watts.

This on the latest AC300 firmware as of mid-February 2022… I don’t know if this has always worked or not. I have no idea if there are downsides but my inverter has over-current protection (it shuts itself off) so I plan to try it the next time I have an outage that lasts long enough to need charging from my car.


Very interesting… what firmware versions do you have? I am surprise that the input screen lets you “save” a value lower than 10A and not just fail on input valuation. If Bluetti officially confirms that this works, then it would make us much nicer for me.

I can pull 800w from my car but not 1500w during the night if there is a power outage to support the battery, so the ability to AC charge at less than 1500w would be very useful.

It seems that the AC300 is very much in flux still. I hope bluetti would iron out all the issues soon, and take good care of all the early adopters that helped.

My firmware versions where this worked:

IOT: v9014.10
ARM: v4032.09
DSP: v4031.08
BMS: v1014.15

I noticed the last firmware update I did added this option as well.

Can you confirm that you can lower the AC input to something less then 10A?

Yes – can be set to any value from 1 to 15A. A keyboard with a number pad shows up for entry.

(Above 15 you still need the “password”.)

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I ordered a 2nd AC300 for myself (first one was for my mom’s place) and my unit (2nd, purchased through Amazon) has another button in UI that let’s me enter 1-15 amps without the password. My mom’s AC300 allows entering less than 10 amps, but always requires the password. Both units have all the latest updates. Not sure why dialogs in UI are different, but at least both of AC300 definitely allow to set current draw as low as 1 amp.

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Thanks, that’s great to know. I hope they make it official and update the user guide. I can see why they want a password before allowing you to increase it beyond 15A, but I don’t see a need for a lower limit.