Optimal Charging Setup - 100w Renogy Panels + AC200MAX + DC050S

Hello all,

So have been using AC200MAX for about one year now. Have also added a B300 to the system. Works well. Have been using some Renogy 100w panels in my yard.

I have x5 Renogy 100w panels in on PV and have x3 Renogy 100w panels going in via the DC adapter.

All panels are wired in series.

I also have another x5 100w which I used on a second AC 200MAX unit.

What should be panel wiring configuration be? If I add any more in series I go over voltage.

Can someone advise me on how to maximise using the DC50S input?

Should it be 2s2p?

Panels in Series raise the Voltage and Panel in parallel raise the current.

The MPPT in this Unit can handle up to 145V. Cant find any value for the current.

I would go as much as possible with a series connection. When i get the right Panels then they have (Voc): 23 V. Which means you can connect six of your Panels in series.

D050S can take 60V. AC200 MAX support dual charging. D050S plug into the AC Port of your AC200 MAX.

So six Panels for solar input and another two on D050S.

You can also try to mix series and parallel. But i dont know how much current the ac200max and D050S can take. You can also make two arrays of series connection and bundle them as parallel.

Hope this helped a bit

The AC200MAX will use up to 15 amps. So connect 2 strings of 5X 100 watt panels in series and then connect the two sets of 5 together in parallel. The voltage will remain the same as it is with just the 5 you have connected now, but the amperage will double. The Max will charge at up to 919 watts.

@Mat_CableStl67 May I ask if you have 8pcs of 100W panels and 2 AC200MAX?

Thanks Emax.

To admin - yes I own x2 AC200Max. My main most used setup is AC200MAX with B300. I have been buying 100w Renogy panels because of their compact size and low price and amazing performance.

So the question still remains,

I already have the main input connected with x5 100w panels in series.

Using the additional DC050S I have another x3 100w panels in series.

Am very much an amateur when it comes to this - but this system has given me a solid emergency backup system - plus we now run our washing machine, tumble drier, kettle, toaster, microwave and slow cooker from Bluetti AC200MAX which is 100% powered from the sun. Which is pretty incredible.

I guess I have to work out what addition plugs and connectors I need to wire up in parallel.

Admin - do you agree that the optimum 100w panel setup is as described above?

@Emax - am I right in thinking this is x10 100w panels connected as you describe but all connected in via the main PV input on the AC200MAX?

Correct, 10X 100 watt panels connected as I described to the main PV (aviation) port. I have 6X 200 watt panels running 3 by 3 in series parallel. A little over paneling in my case and it works well.

OK great!

Can you help walk me through the ‘connect in parallel’ part. I already know how to do series.

I think following the diagram at the start of this YT video is it How to Wire Solar Panels in Series Parallel - YouTube


So I need to order a pair of MC12 parallel connectors?

Take the start positive and the end bit negative with the panels in series in between.

Do that for each set of x5 panels - and that is ‘the string’ …

Put the two positives into x1 parallel connector and the two negatives into the other parallel connector - and that should be all done?

This will be awesome as I am south facing (in the UK) and have had excellent conditions since the middle of March.

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The video you linked looks to be explaining what I am suggesting. So you’ll wan’t to run the 5x 100 panels you already have just like you have them. Then do the same with the next 5X panels that you have. So 10X total, two strings of 5X panels running in series connected together in parallel . You will need a pair of Y-branch mp4 connectors, 2 into 1. You connect the 2 wires from one Y cable into negative on string 1 and negative on string 2. Then repeat this on the positive cable side. I suggest using a voltmeter to make sure your finished connection is reading the approx voltage expected and to make sure the polarity is correct. Make sure those numbers are correct before plugging it into you power station. I will add a picture of a 6 panel setup like mine, same idea, just do the same thing with your 10. Disregard the #’s in the picture. I found this online.

If your 3* 100W solar panels in series only have an open circuit voltage of 62V, you could connect 6* 100W solar panels in series to PV charge the first AC200Max, and then 2* 100W solar panels in series to charge the second AC200Max via D050S. This is better.

Admin - I think you are confused because I mentioned that I own x2 AC200MAX.

I do, but my question here is really about how to maximise PV charging into ONE AC200MAX.

I currently have x5 in series into the main input and x3 in series via D050S into the AC input. It’s good but it’s a max of 800in.

I have spare 100w panels that could be put to use.

So do you agree with the user suggestion of using two strings of x5 100 panels in series and parallel?

If this setup works then I will also purchase more panels and duplicate the setup for my second AC200MAX