Only received half my order

Ordered two B300 batteries and only received once. Bluetti doesn’t answer the phone and I can’t leave a voice mail (mailbox full). What do I need to do to get the rest of my order?



The ship at different times. Give it another week and you should get your stuff.

Even if the order says “fulfilled” under my account? My first order, AC300 + 1xB300 came at once.

You can email Icy at and she can check on your order. Make sure to include your order number.

I personally have items that I’ve received that still say on their website that are unfilled.

Hi @glc650 , Sorry for inconvenience and please don’t worry, we will give feedback to the technical department to improve the order status display. Can you provide us with the order number so that we can check with the support department first? Thank you for your cooperation



Hi @glc650 , thanks for sharing the order number.
Your order was shipped in two separate packages, and the carrier is FedEx.
The tracking numbers are: 275358762531 and 275358762266. We have checked for you that one is delivered and the other is still in transit, please wait a few more days. Thank you very much for your cooperation

Thanks for getting back to me. Looks like FedEx did something wonky with the routing of the 2nd B300 but I did receive it 2 days after the first.