Once more about customer support and order update

I ordered an AC200MAX yesterday but unfortunately overlooked that the American version differed from the European and I could not use it in Ukraine. Moreover, its packaged weight in fact exceeds 30 kg - the maximum parcel weight I may ship to Ukraine. Now I need to cancel the order, I am even ready to order something other for a similar price, but can not contact anybody. Actually, there’s no way to update the order. I wrote to several email addresses found on the site, and left a voice message, but without any feedback. What can I do to resolve the issue? Please help me!

If you manage to get your money back - I highly recommend looking at other manufacturers and not messing with this manufacturer. Read other topics. There is no service. There is no connection. The company seems to be dead. Only new orders are perfectly formed and money is written off.

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I own an AC200P and quite satisfied with its quality. Or rather it almost saves my family during long outages. As for the customer care, I hope they’ll mange to set it up. Otherwise they will be took over by more client-oriented competitors.

Hi @Dmytro71 , Can you tell me your order number? I will have support respond to your email as soon as possible.

Thank you, everything is already done, I just didn’t have time to write here, I fell asleep right away, it was already 4am for us :) Many thanks to everyone who helped. Unfortunately failed to pay for another order, but due to my local restrictions, still hope to complete the transaction. Peace for all

Greetings and best wishes from Canada! I hope you get your order issue sorted out as soon as possible given the extreme hardships occurring in your country at this time. I would suggest to Bluetti that orders coming from Ukraine should be given priority and expediated as quickly as possible!

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