On 24/7 for weeks or months

Have a ACP 200, 2019 or 2020 model. We would like to leave a couple of small LED lights on in our place 24/7 as a hinderance against break ins. We are often away from our place for weeks and months at a time. My housemate is concerned about keeping the Bluettti on it active 24/7 for an indeterminate amount of time. I don’t think it should be a concern.

The power station is a huge battery so it can be powered on for days. I have an EP55 that was on for over a week. You do have to watch the total power in watts consumed by the lights, then divide the watt-hours of the power station by the total watts to calculate the hours that it can supply. And keep the power station charged as much as possible.
I recommend getting intelligent lights, such as those that can be managed by a phone app, and set up schedules so the lights turn on and off every day, imitating real human activity.


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Thank you for the advice.
I don’t know the specs on the lamps but they would be very low wattage, small lamps and probably just one or two of them.
I will share this info.

Not exactly sure of your use case here but if the the AC200P it not plugged into a power source, it will self-discharge. With the DC section on and no other load you are looking at a constant 17 watt overhead. I would guess it would run for about 92 hours.