Officially joined the Bluetti 'owners club' :)

So i got lucky (the EB240 is getting hard to find) and am now the happy owner of a new EB240, which as i’m in europe is branded ‘Poweroak’.

It arrived safely and tested ok to power on/a small test charge from the power brick/power off. It has about 80% charge in it and later today i plan a few test use scenario’s to be sure all is good.

I wanted to mention the ordering process a little as we have seen a number of posts from people that have had real issues with the customer front side of dealing with Bluetti, which is unfortunate.

From my perspective it all went great, and actually it came as a big surprise when it arrived at my door, as since i made my order (for the EB240 and D050s DC charging unit) on the 23rd May 2022 my order status showed as ‘unfulfilled’ for both items, even after having received the EB240 unit!

Then today both orders show as ‘fulfilled’ and i can see an order tracking info for the DC050s unit that is on the way still.

So while i was a little nervous about seeing my 1600 euro debit go from my bank account and my order remain as ‘unfulfilled’ until the 4th June (when the EB240 was delivered), with no shipping info or anything about my order from Bluetti in that time span, i figured they were just very busy and i could wait a while for some news.

So i wanted to mention this to other ‘waiting’ customers or even guys on the fence about getting a Bluetti at all because of the lacking customer feedback side of things. My main order arrived well packaged against damage in transit, and the delivery was pretty fast.

In terms of the product itself, i think if anyone has done some good research into these items, you will most likely just know that Bluetti make some of the best solar-generators on the market, for the best prices, and outside of plain bad luck at getting a non-functioning unit, they are good products.

Having said that it is painfully clear that the customer services facing side of the company needs some attention from Bluettit itself. I mean you have great products, some of the best on the market and you really harm that reputation when you don’t have a better structured customer services department.

People need to get in touch when spending thousands on a product, for peace of mind if nothing else. You need a department that can deal with that, it needs the funding and support to function well.

My EB240 turned up quickly and in working order (thanks!) but it would have been nice to be informed via my order page that it was actually coming! I did get an email today on the 6th June with tracking info, having received it on the 4th June! (the DC050 charger turned up a few days after the EB240 - so it all came through in the end)

So yeah please do invest a little more in your customer services as your products deserve it imho :slight_smile:

I now look forward to getting some solar and seeing just how useful a solar-generator can be, and i plan to add to the general discussion around the forums here as i get better acquainted with the hardware.

Thanks Bluetti for making cool kit.


I agree. Unfortunately, it seems my unit is possibly defective. I find it kind of strange there is no number to call here in Canada - simply just submitting an email isn’t the best route or method of communication when dealing with products that cost thousands of dollars.

Kind of disappointed with that. I got a smaller AIMTOM that works very well.

Hi @CK0Co2 ,
thank you for your great support on BLUETTI! Regarding the issue of “order delivery status is not perfect”, we have recorded it and will optimize this issue later. Thank you for your suggestion. If you have any after-sales issues with EB240, please feel free to contact our customer support at Have a good day!

Hi @Hylith ,
sorry for inconvenience caused, we do not yet have a customer service hotline in Canada. May I know if you have contacted our customer support to resolve your problem? Thanks.