Official Refurbished Sale Now Open at BLUETTI US

Save Big – up to $1500 on premium refurbished power stations!
:sparkles: Functional and complete with accessories :sparkles:

:battery: Explore the possibilities with refurbished models:
:one: Refurbished AC300 (Requires The B300 to Work)
Only US$899.00 US$1,399

:two: Refurbished AC200MAX (2200W | 2048Wh)
Only US$1,119.00 US$1,699

:three: Refurbished EB3A (600W | 268Wh)
Only US$149.00 US$299

Get yours now and power up for extended entertainment! :rocket: Limited stock available.
:shopping_cart: Find more models and shop at BLUETTI US:

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