Offgridtec blackframe 100W 23/28V on EB3A!?

hi there,
Is anybody experienced, if this Solarmodule Offgridtec® MONO 100W V2 Solarpanel 23V Black Frame works well with the Bluetti EB3A?

With 23V Output - it seems to be compatible, but the 28V OCV are right at the limit of the box.

Could be there the danger that maybe there will be little more (like 28,3 or 28,5V OCV) and destroying or shutting off the EB3A!?

Would be great to know.
Thank’s for

often times the specs are not completely accurate. I would always advise checking the voltage on a meter if you are close to the limits. I purchased a pair of Aiper panels that output over 8 volts higher than the upper limit spec. Good panels, but way off on the specs.

Thank you for answering.

Ok. 3-9V more over the specs should be a no go!

But what is, jf it serves 28,2 or 28,7V or maybe just 29V!?

Will the EB3A showing and overload and/or shutdown because of its internal protection?

Or will it work with little more.

Will the bluettibox maybe get destroyed?

And what is than with guarantee!?
Should i ask offgridtec or the bluettiseller than for repair, because the panel gots official the right specs (23/28V).

But thank you for your advise, that i should check the output with a voltmeter before.

If you connect charging devices with a voltage that exceeds the input limits, you may damage your unit. At the very least, it will have an overvoltage error and stop charging.