Off Grid System with Bluetti

Hi Everyone,

I have a house in Portugal…so alot of sun.

The Solar and electricity system of the house is quite old with about 20 years.

I want to re-new it slowly, step by step.

From all I read the EP500 would fit our needs here perfectly. BUT: As I understand it, it is not possible to add more akkus there.

So is the AC300 + B300 Akku Packs maybe the better solution?

In general I read, that these systems cannot be loaded with alot of Power, so the solar power must be “downgraded” by the PV-Moduls before going into the EP500/AC300…so it is possible to load these just with solar power on sunny days while using electricity?

Sorry for the newbie question…the question in general is: Are these systems suitable for small houses electricity supply? I want to connect it to the fuse box.

Best regards and thank you very much!

Hi Nemesi5,

that depends entirely on your intended load. An answer would look quite different depending on e. g. whether you would like to use home appliances like a washing machine, how you are heating your house, etc.

Generally speaking, I would rather get the AC500/B300S combo, since they have more PV and AC power, as well as a better connector for integrating it permanently into your install; and if you can wait a little, the EP600/B500 might be the best fit within the Bluetti range of products.

Cheers from Germany!