Off-Grid Power Expansion with EP900 Home Backup System


Riley and Courtney encountered a design flaw on their off-grid deck, exposed to rain and snow. To address this, they planned a roof extension using surplus solar panels. The need for reliable power and a functional outdoor space prompted them to test BLUETTI EP900 Complete Home backup system.


The couple opted for BLUETTI EP900, integrating nine solar panels into their off-grid system. The modular design allowed a 9000W solar input, overcoming power limitations. They built a robust structure with the panels as a functional roof extension, seamlessly connecting the EP900 to their home for uninterrupted power.


  • Successfully extended deck with solar-panel roof.

  • Enhanced off-grid power capacity to 9,000 watts.

  • Efficiently addressed weather-related challenges.

“Incredible upgrade! BLUETTI EP900 and solar panels transformed our space. The design is genius, providing both shelter and power. It’s a game-changer for our off-grid lifestyle!”

Tackling Off-Grid Challenges Head-On

As we embarked on expanding our off-grid haven, the challenge of a staircase battered by the elements loomed large. With a surplus of solar panels from a prior project, the revelation struck—why not turn this setback into an opportunity?
BLUETTI reached out to us to test their EP900 complete Home backup system, and the idea of integrating our spare solar panels into this innovative solution felt like the perfect synergy. The goal was set: not just a roof extension, but a robust off-grid power system to redefine our living experience.

Choosing BLUETTI for Seamless Integration

What drew me to BLUETTI was more than just a product; it was a solution to our off-grid predicaments. The EP900 system’s impressive 9000W of solar input capability and modular design for up to 20kWh of battery capacity sealed the deal.
The installation, highlighted in the video, was a breeze. The sleek design and the ease with which I could monitor and control the system through the BLUETTI app resonated with me. It wasn’t just a power solution; it was a deliberate choice to embrace innovation and self-sufficiency.

Living Off-Grid, Enhanced by BLUETTI

As we progressed with the installation, the transformative impact of BLUETTI’s EP900 became undeniable. The system seamlessly powered our home, effortlessly handling a 6000W load. Remote monitoring through the BLUETTI app added a layer of convenience, allowing us to control our off-grid power with a tap.
The once challenging off-grid lifestyle now felt not only sustainable but elevated. BLUETTI didn’t just meet our needs; it surpassed them, redefining what off-grid living could be. Our journey with BLUETTI became more than a project—it became a testament to the possibilities of self-sufficient and empowered living.