OFF-Grid only set up question

I recently purchased 2 EP500 Pro units. I am completely off-grid and am wondering what the best setting would be for primarily PV charging. I have a generator and have been having issues charging with that (a different topic).

My unit will not be used for UPS Backup.

Should the PV input be set to 0%…100% or something in between. I’m confused.


I have two EP500 and I set my PV input to 20%, My electric power is good, so I want the maxi amount of PV sun as possible. I have 1500 watts going to each unit. It is helping to lower my electric bill on sunny day

Ok, thanks for the info.
Do you use any grid power at all or just PV?

All the time, my Midea inverter air conditioner runs solar during the sunny days and AC during the cloudy days. My air fryer works great for about an hour while cooking lunch. I have changed a lot of my habits because of solar power.