Off grid firmware update

if I’m using my ac300 to power my internet link, can I update the firmware? the machine will power off, so I’ll lose the internet connection during the update. is this a go or no go? thanks

Every interesting question, I downloaded the firmware update to my phone and used bluetooth to upload it to the AC200Max. So I never used the internet with the AC200Max.

I see it as a “go” because the update has to be fully loaded first. So when tbe AC300 applies the update and shuts down , it does not need to access the Internet again.

I see there might be some issues with the firmware update, so, since everything on mine works just fine right now, I’ll just leave it alone… : )

Where do you get the firmware?

Hi, did you ever figure out how to get the firmware updates? If so, I would really like to know.

I never tried it since mine was working well. sorry.

I have not found the answer. But I have not been looking recently. I have flagged this email and will let you know if I get an answer.

Best Regards, Bob

Bumping this one.

I’m in the same boat but I need to update. Is a continuous internet connection required for updating firmware via bluetooth?

Which device do you use to connect to the update device via Bluetooth? Are you using your phone and does this phone have its own internet connection (using SIM, not WiFi)?
Then I don’t see a problem, your phone is constantly connected to the internet, at the same time it is connected via Bluetooth to the Bluetti xy (?) and does the update …

I get zero signal (not even a roaming network) at my location. Only internet connection is starlink and I haven’t done the 12v conversion yet (and likely never will unless there’s a plug and play method developed).

So, @BLUETTI_CARE, any notes on if an internet connection is required throughout the firmware flashing process or will it get downloaded to the phone then everything is done offline?

@eveljkov An internet connection is required when you perform firmware updates.

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ok, thank you! Another feature request for the devs! Preload firmware for offline flashing.

I appreciate the update!

@eveljkov Thanks for the suggestion. I will give feedback to the R&D department.

You need an internet connection on the smartphone or tablet that is running the Bluetti app to get the firmware. The Bluetti AC300 is connected to the app only by Bluetooth to download the firmware.