NTC error code 29

I currently have one AC200max that’s been working perfectly. I bought a second one and upon the first power up I recieved an alarm with error code 29, NTC error. Does anybody know what this means and if this is an easy fix? Is this a firmware issue or hardware issue? The firmware seems to be the same as my other one except for the bms.


Hi, it is suggested that you move the machine to 15-25 degrees indoor shutdown rest for a period of time and then turn on the machine, if the fault disappears, it is low temperature or high temperature protection on.
If the fault does not disappear, please provide photos and serial number, and contact our support department via service@bluettipower.com for further solutions.
Thanks for your kind cooperation :slight_smile:

Hello…in my AC200MAX have i a New Problem. After 5 weeks shut down and 100% SOC…today i Switches on and the Fan running permanent and the Error Code 29 is shown. Today stand the AC200 a view Hours in cold Terperatures…but always the issue…what can i do…thanks…