NOTHING on Kickstarter yet

Am I doing something wrong. I log in to kickstarter and do search for Bluetti and EP500 and nothing. Help please. Thanks

I found a way to get into kickstarter through Bluetti. I could not bring up the "Bluetti just by entering Kickstarter.
BIG Surprise. Delivery IN OCTOBER INSANE
Anyway I bought the EP500 Pro, dumb as I am

Here is what is interesting. It take less solar to charge the 500pro than the 500
Watch Hobotech video and he will explain

I just got my receipt for the EP500Pro. My card will not be charged until MAY 23
Delivery for the Pro will be OCTOBER and the EP500 August

I got this email and says Kickstarter will charge my card on May 23
I just got charged $843 on my card. What is going on Kickstarter. If BLUETTI EP500 & EP500Pro - The New Era of Home Backup Power reaches its funding goal, your card will be charged $3,956.00 on May 22, 2021 at 12:00 pm.

Glad you went for it. I am about to go for the Pro too, but waiting to find out about the UPS box. I wish they gave more info on everything. The Hobotech review didn’t cover half of the capabilities or add-ons or how to use them, which is understandable since he didn’t have everything and it is still a prototype. I can’t see getting two plus all the add-ons you would need for that when it won’t run my water heater for more than 2 hours. But I would like to connect it to the electrical panel to have a way to run the septic and the microwave, which is built in, and maybe the dishwasher.

I bought a connection system to the power box for around $250 for my gas generator. $500 they are asking for is a little high. I bought a Pro and a. EP500 and will decide which one to drop before May 22.

My water heater is gas :grin:

Check on Amazon for the connector to your circuit breaker box

I would keep the Pro. I am going to ask them for more details on the box, whether it is to code, etc., and decide whether to keep it or not. It did seem awfully high.

I didn’t get charged anything yet; it said May 22nd I think.