Not getting full solar charge

I have ac200p with 4 BougeRV solar panels. The panels are two in series then those two pairs parallel to the unit. I only get a max of 460 watts charge.
My solar input shows 39.3 volts and 11.9 amps and 467 watts. Am I hitting the amp limit? Do I need to put all four panels in series? If I do put them in series what would my input amps be? Thanks

It does sound like you are hitting the amp limit which may be limiting the incoming watt charge. Yes, put all four panels in series and you would then be receiving around 79 volts. No way of knowing what your input amps would be because this various with the panel and the amount of sunlight they receive. But… the max amps should be closer to the max amp rating of a single panel which if they are the 180 watt models is listed at 10 amps. You will get somewhat less that that in good sunlight.

Wiring them all in series is the way to go.

I put the panels in series. I now get 76 volts 6 amps and 456 watts input. Not much improvement. Am I still doing something wrong?

The angle of the panels and the amount of sunlight are going to be big contributors too.

What you are seeing is not bad. I have 5 of the bougerv panels hooked up my AC200 and average 500-550 watts. Only under perfect conditions to it charge at the max of 720 watts.

Yes I am in Yuma Arizona 10:00 AM perfectly clear day.

Panels aligned both horizontally and vertically to be aimed directly at the sun? Did the wattage under the same sun conditions change a couple of hours later? Time of day can have a big effect also.