No Solar Wattage Incoming/Fault with over voltage

I have a AC200P set up. I have been using folding panels in series with no problem. Today, at home, I set up 4 100 hard solar panels in series to the AC200P. It shows a fault of over voltage but the voltage is only 95. It is not allowing any wattage to flow in to the AC200P. Any ideas. I am frustrated at this point. Sun is high and hot. Thanks so much. Susan

Is the input set to car or PV? I’ve left mine set to car a few times when plugging in higher voltage chargers and would get the “over voltage” fault.

Even though you were using folding panels in series previously, check to make sure you’ve set the port from “Car” to “PV” mode. The “Car” mode works up somewhere in the 24V range to support vehicles with 24V systems.

If the above suggestions about not being in PV mode do not solve the issue, try connecting three panels rather than four and see if charging begins and what the display reads.

Thank you everyone for your replies. Yes, it was in POV mode. It was showing voltage but no watts coming in. Now you know I am getting old. The Bluette was all charged up. Once I turned my RV air conditioner on with the Bluette, the Bluette started draining and the wattage started coming in. So of course the Bluette would not charge up since it was already charged. I feel really foolish but it is great to know that you guys can come to this old lady’s rescue. :slight_smile: Have a great evening. Lesson learned.

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