No response from support team since Dec 16 and tracking number sent to me is "Not Found"

@BLUETTI I’ve made an order in November and since received one email update with a useless parcel number that doesn’t work. Since it’s almost 2 months passed since the day of purchase I would like to have some response and/or refund as currently you are just ignoring all my messages and I need my money back if it’s the way you treat your clients.

Order: SPF-EU-17794

Hi @ValentynLakatosh , After checking, I found out that EB70 will not be shipped until late January, can you please wait a little longer? If you don’t want to wait, you can let me know and I will pass on your refund request for you.

No, I do not want to wait, I waited 2 months without electricity for the station while there is a war going on in my country so I bought it already to not freeze in the middle of a winter. I sent you multiple messages to at least understand if I should wait and you ignored my emails until I started spamming messages on the website blog so the fact you even suggested I would wait longer is amazing in a sad way. Just return me my money and I hope to never have to deal with your company again.

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Because the order volume completely exceeded our inventory and projections. This, combined with uncertainties in logistics and customs, has resulted in the latest shipment not arriving at the warehouse yet.
According to the latest logistics information we have learned, I’m sorry EB3A and EB70 are out of stock temporarily and it will be back in stock in mid-late January.

As a seller, we also very much hope that our customers can receive the products and use them as soon as possible.
Now I have forwarded your request to order support team.
We wish you safety and health, and may there be peace in the world.