No response from Bluetti Uk

Purchased AC200 a few months ago from Bluetti UK and the AC power adaptor went dead with a loud bang on only the second time of usage. Had a lot of hassle getting delivery of AC200 in the first place and now can get no reply from Bluetti (or POWEROAK) regarding repair or replacement under warranty. Does anyone have a physical address for Bluetti UK or for their UK distributor as I may need to take legal proceedings against them.

Hi @Macedon , I am very sorry for the inconvenience. Could you please tell us if you purchased from our official UK website? What is your order number please? I will let support process your email first

SPF-BT-UK-1885 is order number.
I purchased through Bluetti-UK and they have been in contact at last.
Will see how they respond. Thank you in the meantime.


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