No Problems with Bluetti

I own an EB70S, an EB2400 and an AC200P. They are all in a converted 6 x 12 Cargo Trailer. I have had zero problems. I use shore/mooch power when available and use the AC200P for the window AC, the EB2400 for the 600 watt microwave, and the EB70S for the TV, Vornado fan and lights when not on shore or mooch power. I have 4 210 watt and 3 160 watt 18 volt portable panels. I plan to place some permanent solar panels on the roof of the cargo trailer. The 3 solar generators are available to use in the house in the event of a power outage (to complement the gas generator). The Grand kids are enjoying sleeping in the driveway to prepare for a “real” trip.


Nice, it works for what it was design. I have to agree.

Love to hear it! Just having some backup power stored away for outages is worth it for me.