No power input from solar on EB3A

I plugged my newly-purchased solar panel into my EB3A, but it shows 0 input. My multi-meter shows 24.3 volts coming out of the solar panel. New EB3A and cable. What might be wrong?

Hi @tundrashell , Is the connection cable between the solar panel and EB3A connected properly and tightly?
Could you please try car charging to see if EB3A can be charged normally?

I have 3 EB3A, the problem with solar is not the voltage, it is the amps (current). You must have 1 amp of current before the solar works on the EB3A. The EB3A will flash INPUT when the voltage is detected but waits for 1 amp of current.
That is the way it is designed.

Thanks. I was wondering about that. If I read my meter correctly, I was pulling 1.5-2 amps, but maybe that’s not the case.

The cable are tight. Car charging works fine.

Hi @tundrashell , If there is no problem with car charging, then the machine is fine (car charging and PV charging with the same circuit).
We recommend that you contact customer service to replace a PV charging cable, and try again to see if this still happens.