No order updates for 27 days


I have not received reply from my request to after 7 days, so I duplicating it here.

I’ve made order at December 1 (SPF-EU-26847) and it’s still in UNFULFILLED status. So I got few questions:

  1. Do you have any estimates?
  2. Will I receive tracking number on email?

I’m from Ukraine and today we have electricity at home for few hours a day. This device is the only solution that can make situation a bit better.

Thank you in advance
Have a nice day

@BLUETTI Can you assis @MykolaG by chance? TIA

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Update: I’ve received tracking number some time ago, but status is “The parcel data was entered into the GLS IT system; the parcel was not yet handed over to GLS”. I hope my order will be in GLS soon

Hallo mij order [SPF-EU-23835] from 30 november is also still UNFULFILLED. (an EB3A)

Thank you in advance

I’ve made an order in November over a month ago and I received one message from your customer support @BLUETTI about the parcel number and that it’s going to be delivered in 7-10 days. 10 days passed, the delivery is delivered and my emails are ignored again. Why is it Austria and with “delivered” status? If you can’t deliver on the purchase give me back my money as I can buy in Ukraine now.

Hello whether there is a any news about when will be delivery my order?
i made order 24 november and support tell me what be in Jun
Meybe u know any detail ? My order SPF- EU - 16706 - delivery must be in poland
Thank u

Hello. I have had no updates on my order SPF-EU-26892 since the 1st of December (it is still unfulfilled). It’s very urgent to have this item as soon as possible. Please, provide some information about the terms of shipping.

Same here.
It’s a bit too long delivery for me in such a situation, we have a critical situation right now in Ukraine.
@BLUETTI So I want to cancel my order SPF-EU-22446. Maybe you can help me with the fast cancellation? Cause support is really slow now and I want to use this money for another power station.

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Sorry for the late reply, after checking we found out that your order has been cancelled. Refunds will be made within 3-5 business days based on the payment method.

Sorry we don’t have the authority to check and operate the order, you need to contact the order support by yourself.

Any updates with order SPF-EU-14820? I’ve ordered EB70 on 22 November 2022, but it still has not been sent.

If someone is interested in estimates for my case (I finally got my order!):

  • 16 days I waited for tracking number
  • 12 days took to deliver order to GLS delivery servise
  • GLS delivered order in 1 day to Nova Poshta warehouse in Poland
  • 4 days took Nova Poshta to deliver order from Glogow Malopolski, Poland to Ukraine, Kyiv (I did not provide any documents to NP and order delivered without fee)

Total: 33 days

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